Greetings and Salutations!

I was first licensed in November of 1994 after taking the test in Port Jervis, New York (hence the KB2 prefix!)

After 13 years I finally found the time to study and pass the General Exam and have recently gotten into HF DX and thanks to a generous donation from my Dad, I am getting more and more into Packet Radio!

This site will be expanding with some of the experiences I have had and some of the tips and tricks I have received from some great "Elmers" along the way, so I invite you to check back frequently.


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"Are THEY Ready"?

In my position as Operational Area Leader for Central Kitsap County, WA, I make it a point to think about what to do when things go wrong.

A large part of the training I have taken centers around preparing to operate in a disaster; what equipment to have, personal items to have on hand, the whole nine yards.

What few mention is making sure your own family is taken care of so you can respond.