KB2SKP’s QTH on the Web

I was first licensed in November of 1994 after taking the test in Port Jervis, New York (hence the KB2 prefix!)

After 13 years I finally found the time to study and pass the General Exam and had gotten into HF DX, and I even tinkered with Packet Radio going so far as to have an Radio Mail Service gateway setup.

I was blessed to have a job opportunity that took me back to the East Coast, but sadly it meant breaking down the shack and boxing up the radios. My family and I have not, as yet, settled on a permanent QTH so I have only a temporary installation, but have hopes that soon I can get everything back on the air.

This site will be expanding with some of the experiences I have had and some of the tips and tricks I have received from some great "Elmers" along the way, so I invite you to check back frequently.

welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

More information is forthcoming as I figure out how best to input data.